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The people's speech
The success of the film "The King's Speech" is a powerful reminder of the physical exertion and mental focus involved in articulating joined up thoughts and expressing them as joined up words. [more]

Inspiring conclusions
It doesn't matter how well you prepare and deliver a presentation, even the most powerful message will be ruined if you don't plan a proper conclusion. [more]

Tackling the fear of presenting
How do you tackle the fear of presenting? Here are some techniques to help you stay calm, get your audience hooked and keep in control when delivering a presentation. [more]

Patterns of recognition are powerful presentation tools
Patterns of recognition and clear frames of reference are vital elements of a presentation because they build connections between speakers and listeners. [more]

On the spread of English Eloquence
Much of the world stands in awe of the oratorical skills of Barack Obama the first black man to be sworn in as President of the United States. But far more awesome is the fact that all round the globe people can understand what he says! How diid that come about? [more]

Tapping into the power of oratory
As you prepare a presentation, have you ever stopped to consider that what's going on in the back of your mind is likely to have a big impact on its chance of being a success? [more]

Returning to First Principles to Spread the Word in the Academy of the 21st Century
The time has come to reinstate the spoken word as co-arbiter of standards in the Academy in order to counter the increasingly woolly nature of the current plethora of written stuff. [more]

Rehearsal is necessary because presenters must be demonstrably able
Too many harassed presenters use either Keynote or Power Point as prompts for their unrehearsed, inaudible, often un-briefed information. Such paltry pretences cannot justifiably be thought of as presentations. [more]

The word 'jargon' has become victim of a bad press
The problem these days is that the word jargon is spoken of in such a derogatory way, that it has caused people to avoid using the very essence of a subject: its name. [more]

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